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Yahoo ID cracking

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Yahoo ID cracking

Post  Admin on Mon Sep 15, 2008 7:52 pm

Yahoo Ids cracking tutorial:

Part 0.... Why We Like to Crack....
-=-=-=Skip This If You Already Know Or Dont Care-=-=-

In September, 1998 Yahoo made it so we couldnt make IDs with repetive underscores such as big__cat or underscores at the beggining or end of an ID such as _bigcat or bigcat_, we also cant make IDs with capital letters, such as BigCat, we're also not allowed to make IDs that begin with a number such as 123abc, we cant have and symbols, dots, dashes, spaces, or ascii in the IDs
so if you have any of these they're called rares because they're all atleast 5 years old... and we cant make them any more... so the whole joy in cracking, is, its a collection... try to get as many as you can, and the harder to find ones... it's all just fun, and somethin to do...

Part1.... Getting What You Need....

You must get a Cracker... I would highly recomend getting a proxy Cracker. We used to use NCC servers which were alot faster then proxies, but Yahoo! patched the servers we ran them on. Maybe you can still find a workin server... if you do... i recomend using LowKeys which you can get at xxxxxxxxxxxx otherwise stick with the proxy cracking .
A half-way Decent Proxy cracker is ExoLine... I'm not a fan of it and alot of people would agree with me, but its decent, especially if your just starting out... well go to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to get it on the Main Page...
Now what you need is a proxy List. You can go to any big Search engine such as you name it if its a big search engine go there and type "Proxy List" or "Free Proxy List" or "Anon Proxy List"... anything along those lines. Find yourself about 15 to 20 thousand proxies...
Then After that you need a Proxy Checker I would recomend xxxxxxxxxxxxlink data 2001 vey old absoletxxxxxxxx , and then DownLoad MultiProxy. Now you need a ID Scanner... for this i recommend going to The-Crack's Downloads in Cracking Accessories and finding one you like. Last but not Least you will need a PassWord List... if your using a backwards cracker then only run maybe like 10 passes on the ID list... if your running a forwards cracker then run more... the most common passwords you will hit things with are
123456 ect....
and **** like that also depending on the IDs your going for...
say ur trying to crack Apple Ids such as Apple01 _Apple__ and **** i would try passes like apple Apple and APPLE also, you can find some nice password lists at The-Crack's PassWord List section...
the one i would recomend is sweet list or cracker toolz top 1000, or Sweet List #2 if you happen to come across it...
After youve been cracking for awhile expiramenting with different passes then you can make your own powerful passlists... but till then stick with a already made pass list...

So What You need in a nutshell is...
Proxy Cracker
ID Scanner
Proxy Checker
Proxy Lists
PassWord List

__`'`'`'Now You GOt Everything You Need `'`'`__

Part2.... Using it all

Open up the proxy Checker and depending on you internet speed you will need to set the timeout... the lower the timeout the faster the proxies will be, but the less you will get... i would recommend on dial-up probably about a 6,000 timeout DSL Cable or any broadband i would recommend 4,000 or at a minimum 3,000 because you still have the fast proxies...
and more that are a little bit slower... then scan the proxy list for working proxies..
.when you have your list then you will need a ID list... just get a scanner and start scannin the List maker is nice from The-Crack's Main page....
i made one awhile back, its pretty damn nice... , also another nice prog i made is a ID profiler... after you crack a ID you type in the ID and Pass in my prog and it will show you the other Aliases on the Acct which are other ID profiles on that acct...
so if u crack a ID with 5 profiles on the acct... u basically cracked 5 IDs because they all have the same pass... and my profiler has a password changer on it... so any way with the list maker from the-crack or my ID Genesis you just type a word and it makes a list of IDs that you load into the scanner to find valid ones so you dont waste your time cracking non-valid IDs...
so after you do that you'll want a ID list of a minimum of 5k IDs... now after you got the working proxy list and the ID list open up your proxy cracker.... find where you load the proxies and then load them, then load the ID list in the ID list section and then the password List set the timeout on whatever you set the proxy checker's timeout one and click start...

Part 3..... I Cracked Something.... Now What?

Well, if you got profiler (Blicka's Profiler) then all you do is type in the ID and PassWord and see if you got any other rare IDs on the acct, otherwise, you go to yahoo and log it in, go to account information, and see if the ID is rare, if it is, change the password, the zipcode and the ALT email... so no one can steal it from you... (including the person you took it from).
Make the password a creative one, atleast 6 chars, dont use < > / \ in it, i hear if u do that, then the pass is unchangable, im not quite sure, but better safe then sorry... use numbers, symbols capital letters, somethin no one could guess or wouldnt be on a list.... maybe 15 characters long or somethin... well after you do that make a Folder where all your Yahoo Progs are, called Cracked IDs or somethin make a .txt document and put your IDs in there, if they all have the same pass, name the .txt document whatever ur pass is... so u dont forget... otherwise if they all have different passes then put the passes by the IDs...
it sucks forgettin the pass to a ID, especially if its a nice one... now you got your collection started... time to add on....

Part 4.....Other UseFul Progs........And How To Use Them.....

PassWord Changer: Go To the-Crack's Downloads and there's a crapload in there in the user-submitted progs...

ID Generator: There's a Pretty nice one made by -Alex- and -Adidas- at The-crack in The-Crack Programs section...

Proxy Hunter: search for your own proxies...

Different Cracker: After awhile i get tired of ExoLine... so you might wanna look into getting a new proxy cracker...

New PW list: After awhile of experimenting with new passwords... you will find some that are really common that people dont put on passlists... and soon you'll end up makin ur own passlist...

And Well, That pretty much sums it up


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