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Make yahoo messenger nearly unbootable

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Make yahoo messenger nearly unbootable

Post  Admin on Mon Sep 15, 2008 7:50 pm

Messenger 8.1

Ok, many people don't know how to set up properly so here is information on how to do this.

Open messenger and go to preferences.

The first thing you want do to do stop annoyances is go to alerts and sounds. Uncheck enable alert sounds. Now go down below that and you will see "Alert me by:" I keep mine where it displays a message at the right hand corner. If you get annoyed by buddy annoyers or ppl signing in and out all the time, uncheck this. Also uncheck displaying dialog box.

Next go to Chat and uncheck "Tell me when other people join and leave room". This is another annoyance I dislike. Check the box that says "ignore chat invites". If you dont like word filtering, turn it off.

Go to Ignore List next and enable the "Ignore anyone who is not on my list". This will kill all pm bombs.

Now go to Messages. In the "When I receive a new message" area, tick the option that says minimize the message to the taskbar. Leave the other 2 options in this area unticked. Where it says "When I receive a message from people not on my list, tick the show message in a single window option. This will help tremendously if you dont have the "ignore anyone not on my list" enabled. Turn IMVs and Audibles off. You can leave emotions on. It won't hurt any.

I pretty much keep everything else off. I always sign in as invisible, never show high scores for games or display images. All of that stuff really doesn't effect whether or not you can be booted. The things above do. Hope this helps somewhat.


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